Living Fully and the Internet Playground of Things

Being able to create something with the idea that it’s going to be posted ‘online’ for the world to see can be a pretty daunting task to accomplish for most. I’m talking about whether this is a simple text like what you are reading here, or an audio or video. For some of us, our imaginations can run wild, our insecurities can become mile-high stone walls, and we basically end up like a deer in headlights. lol…

Nothing gets produced, and we remain safe and warm in our fluffy, comfortable worlds.

There is a solution, however, but I’m not going to pretend that I have found some Holy Grail answer to conquering this act of courage. I know this sounds dramatic, but for many of us to truly communicate in a real, authentic, and natural way online can take a lot. We tend to want to sound intelligent, funny, accomplished or simply want to be accepted and loved.

But I feel that this internet REALLY can be like the archetypical elementary school playground in a lot of ways. Many people are nice and put on a good face, but then there are the bullies, the unseen hiding off in the corners, the nerds doing their nerdy things (more on this later), the beautiful and popular, the athletic sporty types, the artists, and so on…

We all have the things we gravitate towards, and sometimes we find others gravitating towards those things too, and we’re able to find community – if we’re lucky. Sometimes we can find ourselves alone on this ‘playground’ and feel like an outsider. However, deep down I feel that this only happens because we haven’t truly accepted who we are; we care too much about what others think, so we shrink in our skins and become small.

This is similar to the nerds, I feel that the nerds are usually seen as nerds because they have not yet fully accepted themselves or have poor self-images or mindsets. They too shrink in their skins. But take that same nerd and infuse them with a surge of confidence and a positive self-image, and they are transformed into passionate masters of whatever ‘thing’ they’re into (what they nerd out on).

It’s also like when we hear music or see art that really speaks to us. Sometimes we even think, “I could have done that!” And that could very well be true (sort of), but we didn’t, and it wouldn’t have been ‘exactly’ the same; it would have been our interpretation of whatever the song or art is communicating.

It’s almost as though we see or hear a truth that we already knew, but it took someone brave enough to actually say it or create it and put it out into the world to then be able to see it or hear it said back at us.

Sometimes we LOVE it because we identify with it and really connect at a deep level.

Other times it can sting. And I think that it should on some level because we’re having this idea or feeling that we birthed out of our own beautiful mind shoved back into our eyes or ears from someone else! lol…

We should have been that magnificent creator sharing that message with the world. But someone else did; they had the courage or confidence to do what we couldn’t.

And although we may have missed many opportunities to do so, it’s never too late to start. Like the old saying of the best time to plant a tree being twenty years ago and the second-best time being now… This applies to us too… Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve… bla, bla, bla… But no. Now is the time – if we want it.

One last thought on this idea is that most, if not all, of the amazing successes in life, are simply people who embraced their truth and dove into it 100% and expressed themselves fully and authentically! They lived their truth, fully.

Coming full circle, we’re all part of this playground called the internet (and life) and it’s really a shame when we cannot be fully ourselves and share that light we all have inside us. We’re either living smaller than we could – not confident in who we are or the gifts that God has given us – or we are able to see and appreciate the amazing person we are, with all our imperfections, complexities, and beauty. 😉

That’s another great point. When online (especially), we often just see the highlights of other people’s ‘perfect’ lives, and we don’t see the challenges, struggles, or ‘ugly’ side of most people. This is a mirage. And if you want to go to the extreme side, it’s a downright lie, and we must never fall into the trap of comparing our lives to anyone else’s ‘pretend’ life. And this is true whether online or simply in the public world.

I started out by saying that it’s hard for most of us to just express ourselves in a very real, but public way.

This post is my first in a long time, and thankfully one that I was able to just throw all caution into the wind and simply write – as if I were writing to a friend.

So, it’s up to each of us to find a way – whether through a religious route, philosophy, therapy, personal development or sometimes hitting rock bottom – to do whatever we need to do to heal those wounds (that many times we’re no longer even aware are still plaguing us and keeping us prisoners) and love, forgive, accept, make peace, and just start living!

In closing, I will share two quotes that have served me well.

The first is from Lisa Nichols, and it goes something like, “nobody can do you better than you.”

And the second one is from an unknown source, and goes something like, “your story can be the key that unlocks somebody else’s prison.”

This last one has spoken to me and impacted me, especially. It has given me a sort of responsibility to share my story – even though I haven’t been brave enough to do so completely.

I’m starting to take steps, my friend.

Now the question is, “when will you?”

And if you have started, or are in mid-stride, or already living fully in your truth, there’s always the question of, “have I become comfortable or am I continuing to push the discomfort and living bigger and having more impact?”


See you for now and until next time.

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